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Lotus Tuber/ Waba-a-sabi

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Origin Texaswaterlilies 2012. A cross from a Lavender Lady and a Chawan Basu. Hardy to zones 4-11. Large lotus. Best to plant in no-hole container at least 4 gallons or bigger. White with fire pink tips, Single blooms of up to 5" to 11 inches across . Height 3-7 feet. Leaves 1.5' to 2.5' wide. Large spread. Good for large containers, whiskey barrel size and up or pond settings. Would be great for earthen ponds as well. Will grow in water 6 inches up to 2.5 feet deep. The Wab-a-sabi has to be our best lotus creation yet. Bi-color lotus seem to be the prettiest of all and this one tops them all. The pure bi-color differential is amazing. People stood and observed the blooms for hours on end. The best thing about this lotus is that it blooms ALOT. Totally my favorite bloom of all water plants. We named this lotus after our niece (Seinna's) nickname. Ever since she could utter words we have called her Wab-a-sabi and come to find out the word has some historical deep meanings dealing with Japanese beauty of things imperfect.