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Agapanthus - 'Storm Cloud' - Lily of the Nile

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Agapanthus - 'Storm Cloud' - Lily of the Nile


This auction is for one Agapanthus - 'Storm Cloud'. This perennial shrub is a popular foliage plant. The 'Storm Cloud' variety blooms from mid to late summer. The stems  reaching 3 to 4 feet, hold flower heads of 100 blue/purple flowers Strappy foliage makes this Lily of the Nile a garden


Plant in full sun to part shade in a wind sheltered area such as courtyards, walled entry gardens, atriums and sheltered slots between buildings where they won't outgrow. Provide plenty of water throughout the growing season. In colder climates, it can be removed to large pots and sheltered indoors for the winter. It's typical strap like foliage grows to 24" tall. Sturdy stalks to 4' tall support huge, hummingbird friendly flower heads. The deep-blue, nearly purple flowers make this no ordinary Lily of the Nile.  Zone 7b-10.

These well-rooted, 6-8"+ plants come in 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.5" deep pots.