Agave - 'Foxtail Agave' - Attenuata

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Agave attenuata - 'Foxtail Agave'



This auction is for one Agave attenuata - 'Fox Tail Agave', also known as Lions Tail or Swan Neck originates in Jalisco, Mexico. A spineless version of the Century plant, this agave has wide pale green leaves forming a large rosette of up to 4' wide. Leaves emerge from a tight central spear sweeping back giving the plant an "open flower" look. Rosettes are on a large gray stem. Mature plants produce a 5-10' flower stalk with pale greenish-yellow flowers.


Prefers full sun, sun to partial shade, light shade. Low water needs, prefers loamy soil, although it can cope with poor soil and dry conditions. Winter hardy 30-35°, Zones 9b-11.

These 4"+ plants come in 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.5" deep pots