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Colocasia esculenta - 'Black Magic' - Elephant Ear

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Colocasia - 'Black Magic' - Elephant Ear


This auction is for one (1) Colocasia Black Magic Elephant Ear plant.

Beautiful dark purple stems and leaves give great contrast in the garden. Upright medium sized elephant ear leaves. Grows best in consistent moist soil location. Requires more moisture and may show leaf burn in Full Sun at high tempuratures. Tubers can be dug in Fall for overwintering.

These 5-6"+ plants come in 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.5" deep pots.


It is a dramatic landscape plant for a bright spot in the garden that doesn't receive direct sunlight. This plant thrives in rich, organic, moist soil and is fast growing.

Hardiness Zone: 7b-11

Mature Height: 4-6'

Container: Excellent Container Plant