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Hardy Waterlilies/ Lemon Mist

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Lemon Mist 
Nymphaea “Lemon Mist“ Hardy from zone 4-11. Plant Size: Medium-Large. Bred by Dr. Kirk Stawn 1997, flower is a creamy light yellow, 4“- 8“ across. Has a spread of 4'- 8', tuberosa root system. Leaves are mottled green. Will grow in 6“ to 2.5' of water. Best to grow in 1.5' of water. You can use a 2 to 3 gallon container to grow this one. Dr. Strawn made his mark on the Water Lily World with all of his great creations, but this is the “Best of the Best“. It is the only hardy water lily that blooms year round for us. There will be a slight ice sheet on the pond in late December and it still blooms. Very fragrant, Blooms that stand out of the water 3“ to 5“. Mottled leaves. This lily would be great for any water garden pond. It spreads well, great for earthen ponds or containers. A must have. Full sun