New Listing! 2 Bald Cypress Trees Beautiful Gold in Fall

New Listing! 2 Bald Cypress Trees Beautiful Gold in Fall

  • $48.00

The Bald Cypress Tree isn’t all it seems.  It looks like an evergreen, but it actually drops its foliage in the fall, hence the name “bald”.  It also has far more to offer than a typical evergreen, providing decorative interest all year round.

Your Bald Cypress Trees is a lofty, deciduous conifer with a slender, pyramidal habit.  Its needle-like leaves are radiant green in spring and summer, a perfect accent to your colorful summer plantings. 

The fern-like foliage is soft and flowing, easily swayed by gentle breezes and lending a graceful accent to your landscape.  As if this lovely display weren’t enough, autumn brings gorgeous hues of cinnamon-red to your Bald Cypress Tree that will certainly turn heads throughout the fall season. 



Even in the winter your Bald Cypress Trees are sure to please.  When its bright fall foliage has fallen, its trunk is revealed, resplendent in its distinctive raiment of copper-brown bark that peels off in long strips for a truly unique display. Your trees will be shipped 1-2 feet tall and bare root. Ready to plant.