Olive Tree - 'Oblonga'' - Olea europaea - live plant

Olive Tree - 'Oblonga'' - Olea europaea - live plant

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Olive Tree - 'Oblonga' - Olea Europaea - Live Plant


This auction is for one (1) Oive Tree - 'Oblonga' - Olea europaea live plant.

This ancient tree has been cultivated for thousands of years, prized for it fruit and foliage. This self-fertile variety is known for its high resistance to V. dahliae, a plant fungus causing wilt. Oblonga is commonly used as a root stock for grafting.

Researchers find that 'Oblonga' and 'Frantoio' (the main variety grown in Italy) have enough similarity to probably be the same cultivar. Frantoio is prized for it's high content of top-quality oil.

This variety is easily grown outdoors, in ground or potted, as well as indoors due to its compact growth habit.


Plant in full sun and well draining soil. Drought and heat tolerant once established. Compact with moderate growth rate to 10-12'. Prolific bearer, disease tolerant. Hardiness zone 8-10.

These well-rooted, 12-14"+ plants come in 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" deep pots.