Piper longum LONG PEPPER Seeds!

Piper longum LONG PEPPER Seeds!

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Piper longum

Long Pepper


Here is your chance to get seeds of the Long Pepper Vine.  This is a wonderful vine as it is a fairly fast growing and attractive vine that gets lovely very  glossy green foliage, and flowers that produce clusters of orange to red fruits.   These Vines are hardy to at least USDA zone 9, so this plant is not very tolerant of cold but they do make good houseplants where they are not winter hardy.  These great plants would be great to grow on to add to your rare plant collection. 


You are buying on 5 seeds of Piper longum.  As always, you can save on shipping by buying more than one of my items, so please view my other auctions.  Each additional pack of seeds ships for only .50 more.  Thanks for viewing my item